Saturday, May 30, 2015

End of May. End of May??

Things I love right now ~

1. Coffee and a favourite playlist before the house wakes up
2. Graham reading
3. Anything with goat cheese
4. Sunrises before 5am and sunsets at 10
5. A sweaty workout after it's over
6. Visits from old friends
7. A weekend trip to Dublin
8. Playing golf with the boys

We have just rounded out our 3rd year in England. We were in Seattle for 4 years and Milwaukee for 9. We celebrated 15 years of marriage last December and we both turned 40 this past year. Greyson is 9, Graham 5. I am truly trying to live in the present and enjoy the moments as they are here but I don't feel like that much time has passed yet I wonder where it all went. I love being 40 and the cred that goes with it (real or imagined). We love where we are, often wonder where we're going and also know the reality of how fast it will all go, again.

The moments I mention? Here are a few of them.

I was the "Mystery Reader" at Greyson's school this week. While waiting to go in and surprise him, I found this piece of art outside of his classroom. The unit is about the world around us and they were tasked with drawing things that are needed and/or useful on the street where we live. Who couldn't use a Porsche, a gumball machine and a portable toilet?

The boys after dinner on Bank Holiday Monday

Graham after Greyson whacked him square on the face with a plastic whiffel ball bat.

My *isms* of the past have morphed into what I overhear when listening to the boys playing (or when I'm deliberately eavesdropping)
  • Graham to the iPhone: "Siri, do you have a girlfriend?" (For the record, Siri's answer was "no, I'm too busy answering questions")
  • Greyson: (smelling the new Chocolate flavoured Cheerios): "Graham! These smell amazing"
  • Greyson singing the entire Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head while taking a shower (sweetly and in tune)
  • Greyson to Graham playing with a bow and arrow: "Keep your extra bullets in your underpants"


  1. Ooohhh - ouch Graham!! 😢
    Would have loved hearing Grey sing!
    Would have loved you Jess as the reader- I've been sharing funny stories of you lately with Uncle Ted - told him you're so much better at telling the stories yourself. Love & miss you all

  2. Tell Uncle Ted I'll have some stories for him when he comes to visit. LOL.